New Homes

Affordable Homes

At least 34 (40%) of the 85 properties will be new affordable homes, most of which will be 2-bed or 3-bed homes, but there may also be a few 1-bed homes made available. West Oxfordshire District Council has currently advised us that 23 of those should be for

Affordable Rent, while 11 should most likely be for Shared Ownership. The District Council have also confirmed that up to 50% of the new affordable rented homes can be reserved for eligible households with a special connection to Curbridge – e.g. they live or work in the village or already have close family here.

We are seeking to deliver up to 85 new, high-quality homes at Curbridge Triangle. These homes will be designed to complement the village’s charm and character. There will be a mix of house sizes and house types, including smaller bungalows and flats as well as family-sized houses. We want to deliver new market homes available to all demographics: first-time buyers, young families looking for a bigger home or older households looking to downsize. We are also proposing three self-build plots to help meet the demand for such opportunities within West Oxfordshire.

Artist’s impression of the development