Ecology & Drainage

Enhancements for Wildlife

We have carried out extensive ecological surveys and assessments to ensure that our proposals protect and provide opportunities to enhance the richness of the site for wildlife.

We intend to incorporate new native tree planting, a wildflower meadow and other habitats to promote the ecology and biodiversity of the area. Our investment in the site will manage drainage in a sustainable manner and support wildlife.

We propose to reserve and enhance an area of land on the northern side of the Elm Bank Ditch specifically for wildlife where pedestrian access will be limited. We will control the impact of artificial lighting, especially around the development edges, and habitat provision will be built into walls and boundaries. Our access proposals have been designed to minimise hedgerow loss whilst new mixed, native planting will bolster boundaries elsewhere.


The proposals will include sustainable drainage measures to ensure there is no impact on Elm Bank Ditch in terms of run off rates and water quality. The measures include storage ponds, permeable paving and swales. Consideration is also being given to rainwater harvesting (e.g. rainwater butts) to reduce demands on potable water.

Diagram showing the ecological network