Access & Movement


Following feedback and further technical assessment, there will now be no vehicular access to the site from Well Lane. A principal junction with Bampton Road is proposed, with a secondary access from Main Road to serve the Parish Hall and three self-build plots.

Car Parking

Car parking will be provided within the curtilage of new homes, largely accessed via rear courtyards to benefit the street scene. There will be on street provision for visitors as well as dedicated parking for the Parish Hall and any new Village Hall, improving the current situation whilst safeguarding for future needs.

Footpaths and Cycle Links

Around a kilometre of off-road footpaths and a new footbridge will be provided within the site to make crossing the village easier and more pleasant; improving access to buses and encouraging people to walk and cycle more. The path network will be accessible from Well Lane, Main Road and Bampton Road.


Our initial transport analysis suggests that there will be only limited traffic generation during the peak hour periods and that there is sufficient spare capacity in the local highway network. We will continue to work with Oxfordshire County Council to finalise the assessment.

Diagram showing access and movement on the site